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Elders Minutes
4 Dec 2017

Present: Bryn (chair), Nigel, Jan, Ann, Claire, Tom, Sammy, George and Karen

  1. Apologies: Elizabeth, Paul and Mervyn

5.1 Property Matters
Mervyn is stepping down from the Property Committee now that the Ansell Centre project is finished. He has worked hard for a long time on this and Bryn has written to him.
There was a discussion about how Property and Elders should work more effectively together. The idea of a written remit was explored and the possibility of some teams of Elders working on specific projects.
5.1.2            Blue Gates – It was agreed to keep the blue gates at the front of church open for now (with a latch to hold them in position) – hopefully there will be no problems but they must be lockable again in case.
5.1.3            The PAT testing Inventory - was discussed briefly and Nigel and Tom will follow up.
5.1.4            The blue Manual - contains all the important information about the church building and AC –including where stopcocks are etc! Nigel will ensure it is up to date and will take Elders through it at the January meeting before he goes to NZ.

Elders half day on April 21st.

both these roles. Do we need a caretaker if the hirers take proper responsibility for the furniture? Jan is worried about what will happen when she goes away, she loves doing the bookings but Elders are concerned it is an enormous commitment. Jan and Bryn will look together at the demands of the role.

7.1  Phil’s Tea Idea  -  will be at 2.30pm on January 15th.
7.2  Growing Prayer – Bryn is planning some sessions aimed at developing our prayer life.
7.3 Congregational Giving – deferred to next meeting.

Meeting closed at 9.40pm with prayer