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Minutes of Church Meeting.

MINUTES of a CHURCH MEETING held at Hadleigh Great Meeting
7.30 pm Monday the 11th December

Rev’d Bryn Rickards in the chair and total of 9 persons present (a low turnout due to the inclement weather).

4.1 School House – the lease is in the process of renewal with Babergh. We want to continue links with
4.2 Hadleigh Dementia Action Alliance (HDAA) – a worker for the town to support those with dementia will
be employed through South Suffolk Leisure and will work in the Memories Café.
4.3  Environmental Course – four sessions attended by six people and it went well. Now we need to make
the congregation aware too.
4.4  Bryn asked for Feedback on recent events:

5.1 Pastoral news was shared. Many members of the church family were held in prayer. The meeting
rejoiced in the baptism of Martha Hartgrove and the interest some new adherents have shown in

6.1 Christmas – Nativity on 17th December, Carols by Glowsticks (provided by Bryn) 5pm on 24th, Christmas Worship at 10.30am, on 25th. Sleepy biscuits at Carol Service! Carols on 16th are 10am at the Co-op and 2pm at Morrisons.
6.2 May Show? There was much discussion about this. There seems to be lack of support from wider congregation; it all falls on Tom’s shoulders. Bryn and Tom will put an article in the newsletter asking for commitment from  or we may not be able to take part this year. We might be able to join with the Baptists again.

9.1 South Suffolk Area Partnership – Bryn explained the current situation with ministers in the area. For now he is expected to work wherever there is a need, particularly supporting in Ipswich where there is no minister. However nothing is finalised with further meetings imminent.
Jan raised the question of using Bryn’s 25% of time for the caretaking/booking work needed IF WE PAID IT - but Bryn explained that this would prevent him from using his time in spiritual support of the wider URC.
9.2 CTiH Pulpit exchange will now happen with the week of prayer for Christian unity in June.


The meeting closed with prayer at 9pm
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