Hadleigh, Suffolk United Reformed Church

Minister : The Rev'd Bryn Rickards


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Our Town

Hadleigh has a population of 10,000 people and a catchment area of 25,000 people.  This old wool and cloth town has the potential to expand its housing investment and small business/industrial use within the boundary of Hadleigh by-pass. Already there are modern housing developments to the east and west of the town which have generated a younger profile to the town census. Babergh Local Plan Alteration No 2 (2006) notes that small scale housing developments within the town centre will be encouraged particularly where they make provision for small households or the elderly to live in the centre of the town.

Our Church

Hadleigh URC is located off Market Place, close to the Health Centre, small park and community shopping in the high street. There are three primary schools and one high school all within a fifteen minute walk of the church. Free car parking is located within a one and two minute walk to the church.  Most people walk to church.

We have a current regular worshipping community of about 100 people. Included in this number is a group of younger worshippers. Although the age band is weighted by a large group of senior worshippers, they recognise that the future strength of the United Reformed Church in Hadleigh is in the hands of the young people. They are therefore anxious to support and make provision for their activities.

Music and praise play a major part in worship thanks to the talents of the organist and a band of musicians.  Church meetings are well attended and members are anxious to play a full role in the decision making process. A weekly programme of prayer, praise, music, bible study and social outreach are part of its regular programme. During the last calendar year HURC received nine worshippers into full membership. Recently a Christian Rock Concert was performed in the church and attended by 200 people from across the community.

A strength of HURC is its capacity for community outreach. This is demonstrated through its lay preachers who are regularly committed to preaching in other local URC churches.  A group of our young people are in demand to lead and contribute to the services in neighbouring churches. The Hadleigh congregation may be considered a mother church to some smaller URC churches in the vicinity and now, through the office of its minister it has ecumenical links with Needham Market Methodist Circuit. Recently, a small but committed group of HURC worshippers worked in Kenya with the ‘Hand in Hand’ Mission.  HURC works in close cooperation with Hadleigh Churches Together on cross-denominational issues such as the provision of a Community Youth Worker.

Our minister the Reverend Bryn Rickards and his wife Lilly, provide a strong spiritual partnership to lead and unite the membership. 

There is a campus of accommodation and opportunity for the whole town that is accessible to all sections of society, while at the same time maintaining and strengthening the worship life of the congregation.  The adjacent Ansell Centre is widely used by all sections of the community for education, training and leisure activities. The digital cinema is a popular event.  Those with disabilities use the building on a daily basis. Teams of trained people provide frequent community lunches for 70+ people. There is a smaller community room in the church which accommodates quieter creative skill based activities such as needle work and wood turning.