Hadleigh, Suffolk United Reformed Church

Minister : The Rev'd Bryn Rickards


Telephone 01 473 829 197

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The Elders

Duties and Responsibilities
  • The elders report to the Congregation on all matter of Church life and oversight.
  • Care of the Minister and his family.
  • The day to day good running of the church.
  • Support and oversight of the spiritual life of the congregation.
  • Pastoral care of the congregation.
  • Outreach in the town’s community.
    Summary of regular duties
  • There is Rota for two Elders to be on duty every Sunday as Duty and Door Elder.
  • Assisting the minster with the Sacrament of Comunion.
  • Ensuring that preachers (including the minister) are available for morning worship.
  • Supporting the Minister to provide the congregation with Teaching and Learning.
  • Responsible for the oversight of the teaching and care of young people.
  • The Duty Elder is both responsible for counting the collection and making sure the church buildings are secure.
  • Annual Church meeting in March followed by quarterly meetings in June, September and  December.
  • Elders meetings are held in February, May, August and November.
  • Facilities Meetings are held in April, July, October and January.
  • The Elders should, if possible attend all these meetings.

    List of Current Serving Elders

    The Rev'd Bryn Rickards

    Mr. Nigel Crisp (Secretary)

    Mrs Sylvia Roberts (Secretary at Monks Eleigh)

    Mr. Mervyn Cort

    Mrs. Claire Coster

    Mrs Jan Dicks Room Bookings Secretary.

    Mr. Tom Gordon

    Mrs Karen Harman

    Mrs Pat Langley

    Mrs Elizabeth Meeks

    Mr. Sammy Apraku.

    Mr. Paul Simon

    Mrs. Anne Swallow

    Mr Ronnie Howson, Non-serving Elder(Treasurer)